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Image by Hannah Busing

Tomorrow's Health & Wellness System Starts Today

The KW4 Ontario Health Team (KW4 OHT) is a collective of 39 member organizations from primary care, home care, hospitals, community agencies, long-term care, mental health, Indigenous health, municipalities and post-secondary education.


Together with patients and families, the KW4 OHT is working towards co-designing a health and wellness system for all 400,000 residents. This system will offer seamless, interconnected care and continuity across providers.

The KW4 OHT will provide the right services at the right time in the right place to meet residents' needs.

Father and Son

Vision and Purpose

We exist to support our community's vision: a community where everyone thrives and no one is left behind.

Our team's purpose is to enable collaborative health care relationships to ensure all people are empowered to achieve health and well being.

The KW4 OHT members are moving health care forward for the betterment of our community with greater value for money, greater patient, family and provider satisfaction and improved health outcomes. It is a collaborative that works best when all stakeholders are at the table. Interested in getting involved? 

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