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  • Patient-centred care
    that understands that you are a whole person, treats you with compassion and respect, and includes your family and support system in your care.
  • A partnership with your care provider
    that shares responsibility and accountability with you, provides care and support to achieve your health goals, and considers all your health needs, connecting you to health and community services.
  • Communication
    that allows you to be heard in a safe and caring environment, provides clear health information that you can understand, and shares open and transparent information with you and your care teams.
  • Equitable care
    that puts your needs first regardless of your situation, eliminates barriers to receiving timely and safe services, and is free of prejudice, stigma and judgment.
  • Continuous improvement in health care
    that provides you with access to the best quality of care, increases access to new innovative technology and treatments, and contributes to your confidence and trust in the health system
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