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We are thrilled to launch our three project initiatives for 2022-2024:

The Neighborhood Integrated Care Team (NICT) seeks to develop and implement a NICT model to improve access to health services and proactively support community members thereby preventing unnecessary Emergency Department visits and potential hospitalizations. The work for this project will continue through the Spring of 2024.

The Newcomer App project seeks to create a way for recent newcomers to provide advice to the KW4 partners about how to access relevant information and thereby improve newcomers’ ability to self-navigate local health and social services with accurate, timely, and up-to-date information. This project is currently scheduled to proceed through the Spring of 2024.

The Primary Care Integration and Governance project seeks to develop a structure that supports primary care providers’ and specialists’ active involvement in the KW4 OHT. The Project work will continue through to the Spring of 2024.

Father and Son

Neighborhood Integrated Care Team

Newcomer App

Primary Care Integration and Governance

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