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Digital Health

Digital health solutions and tools are the use of devices, software, or services to track, manage, promote, or deliver health information. A variety of digital health solutions are used by KW4 OHT’s members to enable integrated care delivery and improve both the patient and health service provider experience. We are fortunate to work and provide care in the KW4 region as we have many health care leaders that are driven to foster local innovations and transform KW4 OHT’s health care system using digital health solutions.


To learn more about the Digital Health Tools and Services in our region, visit the eHealth Centre of Excellence website.

The section below provides a snapshot of some of the digital health solutions in use in KW4 OHT.  


Electronic Referral (eReferral) allows healthcare providers to send referrals electronically instead of by fax. eReferrals provide time-saving and informative features that improve the referral process for physicians and patients. Patients can choose to receive email notifications with referral status so they can track their referral from start to completion.  

Online Appointment Booking

Online appointment booking solutions enable patients to book in-person, video, or telephone appointments electronically, by choosing a date and time and receiving an automated appointment confirmation, all in a self-serve environment 24/7. Online appointment booking can be accessed through any digital device with an internet connection, such as a mobile device or computer.  


Referring a patient to see a specialist can mean long wait times, being limited to specialists who are in the area, and the need for patients to be able to get to the specialist appointment.  With electronic consult (eConsult), instead of referring the patient to see a specialist, healthcare providers can send the patient’s information to a specialist and ask for their opinion electronically. The specialist usually responds within a few days. 

Patient Portals

Patient portals give patients safe and secure online access to their personal health information and the ability to manage aspects of their own health care. In KW4 OHT, My Connected Care is available as a free, secure online tool providing patients of Grand River Hospital and St. Mary’s General Hospital access to their hospital health records and personal health information. Using a computer or device web browser, My Connected Care users can easily view test results, clinical documentation, and other health information. To find out more information, including how to sign up for My Connected Care, please click here.

Remote Care Monitoring

Remote care monitoring solutions allow health professionals to use technology to virtually monitor patients’ outside of conventional clinical settings. Remote care monitoring can be provided in a variety of ways. From patient’s logging into a digital solution to access care plans to support post-operation rehabilitation and recovery using their mobile device or computers. To patients tracking their health progress using Bluetooth enable devices like a blood pressure cuff. This information is digitally shared with the patient’s health care team to virtually monitor and track the patient’s progress. Remote care monitoring solutions can trigger alerts for the health care team if there are any changes in the patient’s health that may require in-person medical attention.  

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