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Neighborhood Integrated Care Team

Spring 2022 to Spring 2024

As part of the transformation currently underway in Ontario’s healthcare system, organizations and community members in Kitchener-Waterloo, Wellesley, Woolwich, and Wilmot (KW4) have come together to form a Ministry of Health approved Ontario Health Team (OHT). At maturity, KW4 OHT's goal is a health and wellness system for all 400,000 residents that offers seamless, interconnected care and continuity across providers, including hospitals, primary care, long-term care, and community agencies.

Project Scope

The Neighbourhood Integrated Care Team (NICT) Project seeks to develop and implement a NICT model to improve access to health services and proactively support community members thereby preventing unnecessary emergency department visits and potential hospitalizations.

Measuring Success

Project Teams will develop performance measures aligned with the Quintuple Aim to improve: Patient and Caregiver Experiences, Patient and Population Health Outcomes, Provider Experiences, Value and Efficiency, and Health Equity.

Goals and Deliverables

There are 3 primary objectives focused on Newcomers and residents in our four priority neighbourhoods (N2G, N2H, N2M, and N2C):

  • Determine use of resources in the communities we serve to improve health outcomes

  • Develop and implement NICT model to improve access to health services and support high-risk seniors and adults

  • Improve overall access to community Mental Health & Addiction services

Project Team

Project Co-Leads: Clare Wagner, Community Services Director, House of Friendship and Dauda Raji, Interim Community Services Director, House of Friendship


Project Manager: Aderonke Saba

Implementation Team: Under development

Executive Sponsor

House Of Friendship logo

John Neufeld,

Executive Director,

 House of Friendship

Leadership Action Committee:

Bonnie Camm

Grand River Hospital

Karyn Lumsden

Home and Community Care SS

Tara Groves-Taylor

Community Healthcaring Kitchener Waterloo

Ashnoor Rahim*


Cathy Harrington

Community Care Concepts

Lori-Ann Palubeski

City of Kitchener

Tracy Elop

Camino Wellbeing + Mental Health

Brenda Vollmer*


John Colangeli


Mike Ennis


Will Pace

Community Support Connections

Aderonke Saba*


John Neufeld (Chair)

House of Friendship

Dr. Sarah Gimbel

New Vision Family Health Team

Dauda Raji*

House of Friendship

* non-voting members

Download the project one-pager 

Aderonke Saba


Project Manager

Want to learn more? or get involved?

Contact the project manager, Aderonke Saba at

Check out some of our other resources to find more information about the work of KW4 OHT and our initiatives.

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