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West, Regional Testing Advisory Laboratory Committee (RTALC)


1. Provide a forum for West Region partners to support implementation of the Ontario Laboratory Medicine Program (OLMP).

2. Ensure local Testing requirements are met of the provincial testing plan for Respiratory Surge.

3. Champion and promote Testing as a key system enabler for the development and implementation of system-level clinical pathways spanning organizations and sectors improve access and flow.

4. Work collaboratively and communicate with Laboratories in the region, including Hospital, Community and Public Health as well as develop a connection with emerging primary care networks.

5. Identify system recommendations to remove barriers and recommended strategies with West Region tables and working group.


  • The West, Regional Testing and Advisory Committee (RTAC) and the West, Laboratory Operations Table (LOT) tables formed during the pandemic as a way for partners to work together to plan, respond to common problems that required a system-level approach.

  • The two (2) tables are now coming together into one committee as of April 2024 to align with the launch of the Ontario Laboratory Medicine Program (OLMP).

  • The aim is to support a networked system of Testing and Laboratories that plan together and implement a common set of deliverables to achieve system targets, particularly for population health to support care in the community, reduces Emergency Department (ED) visits and hospitalizations.

  • While the merged group is at an early stage of development, our vision is to evolve into an effective forum to develop shared solutions and implement success strategies from across the region. We recognize the benefits in collectively working together to address common operational problems through a networked integrated program.

Work in Progress:

  1. Enhance communication with Laboratories and improvement teams in the West Region to improve connectedness.

  2. Develop a committee workplan to highlight the collective work and the expected impact on integrated care.

  3. Survey Laboratories to better understand common pressures, develop collaborative solutions and to share quality improvement initiatives.

Information and Discussion:

  • Discuss regular updates from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Long Term Care, Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility, and Ontario Health including the Ontario Laboratory Medicine Program (OLMP).

  • Presentations from provincial associations and working groups, for example, Medical Laboratory Professionals' Association of Ontario (MLPAO) to understand plans to address common Health Human Resources (HHR) needs and OH, Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) and results from recent Pathology Workforce Survey.

  • Share ideas and initiatives with discussion of impacts Laboratory on other clinical services (e.g., surgical recovery) and other population health initiatives where Laboratory operations support.

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