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Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health are a specific group of social and economic factors within the broader determinants of health for example, income, education and employment. As part of our values and promises, the KW4 OHT considers the social determinants of health as important factors of the overall health and wellness of society. A focus on them begins in infancy to prevent illness and promote health and well being throughout a person’s lifetime. Below are educational posters that describe 10 social determinants of health and information on how to connect to resources available in the KW4 area.

Aging Well

Senior Fraud

Chronic Disease Management

Healthy Sleep Habits

Elder Abuse Prevention

Medication Safety

Healthy/Active Aging

Aging in Place

Fall Prevention

Caregiver Support

Health Literacy

Preventative Care (Screening)

Census Report


Population Growth



Household Income

Citizenship, Diversity & Indigenous Peoples

Place of Work and Commuting

Population Age

Citizenship, Diversity & Indigenous Peoples

Housing & Dwellings

Education & Labour

Average Household Size

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